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01387 760 234

About Us

Here at Scottish Christmas Trees the Young Family have been growing Christmas trees now for over 20 years and in that time have won a number of awards at National Competitions.   It is thanks to our hard working dedicated team who are committed for 12 months of the year to growing beautiful Christmas trees that we have been so successful.    

Our team on the Farm is the key to our success and their dedication and experience ensures that we produce high quality Christmas trees that we hope our customers are able to get a lot of enjoyment out of over the Festive period

As a family we are very conscious of the way we grow our trees and so we do as much as possible to make the plantations environmentally friendly and a safe haven for wildlife.  

Over the past few years we have invested heavily in renewable energy on our farm. We know have solar panels and 3 wind turbines, named Whirl, Swirl and Birl who between them last year provided over 75% of our annual electric needs on the farm. As part of this development, we converted all our offices, staff welfare areas and houses to be heated using ground source heat pump which also run on our renewable energy.

Furthermore since 2020 we have started a journey towards a regenerative stye of farming to allow us to use less artificial inputs into the production of our trees. By adopting the 5 principles we feel we are making steady progress towards our goal.

  • Maintaining Soil cover.
  • Minimizing Soil Disturbance.
  • Maintaining Continual Living Plant Roots.
  • Adding Planting Diversity.
  • Integrating Livestock.

 As a Business we take great pride in the service that we have always given our customers, and love to see them going away smiling and happy with their purchase.  

We look forward to welcoming customers – old and new.

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